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Find out your birthstone and your Chao'

This was a cut idea I thought up on my trip. I was in a store and saw these little teady bears which had these birthstones on them so I got the idea of useing chao as instead!

*note* I got the stones from a Sears book so some of the stones may be wrong.


January - Garnet
Symbolizes constancy, faith, loyalty, and strength. Believed to endow its breeder with cheerfulness and sincerity.


Febuary - Amethyst
Symbolizes deep love, happiness, sincerity and wealth. Is said to bring breeders peace and tranquility.


March - Aquamarine
Believed to ensure continual happiness and loyalty. Symbolizes health, hope and youth.


April - Diamond
Symbolizes brilliance, excellence, innocence, joy, life, and purity. Believed to give it's breeder strength and courage.


May - Emerald
Symbolizes hope, peace, and tranquility. Believed to endow its breeder with a willing to help and a pleasing character.


June - Alexandrite
Symbolizes beauty, innocence, integrity, modesty, and wealth. Is said to bring it's breeder good luck.


July - Ruby
Symbolizes courage, joy, friendship, and peace. Believed to scatter evil and sorrow.


Auguest - Peridot
Symbolizes happiness and power. Believed to endow it's breeder with honesty and compassion.


September - Sapphire
Symbolizes calmness, faithfulness, hope, innocence, purity, truth, and virtue. Believed to bring its breeder comfort, courage, and strength.


October - Opal
Symbolic of confidence, happiness, hope, innocence, and affectionate. Believed to endow its breeder with purity and increased faithfulness.


November - Topaz
Symbolizes heavenly kindness, loyalty, friendship, gentleness, and integrity. Believed to bring its breeder gratitude, wealth, and protection from evil.


December - Pearl
Symbolizes ability, cheerfulness, nobility, and truth. Believed to bring its breeder happiness, love, and prosperity.