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Chao Basics

This is the page where you'll learn the basics of chao

Tikal with her Chao

The first thing you will need is a chao egg. You find these in the chao garden in chao world. Go to the egg you wish to hatch and wait for the action window to pop up. Hold the B botton and shake the egg for five seconds. Put the egg down and wait, the egg will hatch and you'll have a baby chao. Now your ready to start!

There are three types of baby chao - neutral, hero, and dark. You have a baby neutral chao to begin with but by petting your chao with a hero character will make it a baby hero chao. By petting it with a dark character you will make a dark baby chao (note that you will need a hero chao and a dark chao to open up the other gardens).

Chao Do -
1. Make sure that your chao isn't starved to death but don't over feed him either.
2. Pet or hold your chao when you come to the garden. Your chao may get lonely and needs some comfort.
3. If your chao keeps tripping pick him up.
4. Bring other chao to the garden. Chao like to make friends.

Chao Don't -
1. Never jump, spin, punch, kick, or wack your chao! If you accidentally do so, then make sure to feed and pet chao. If not, you've got one angry critter.
2. If you're chao is struggling in water, don't leave him.
3. You should never leave your chao alone in the VMU for to long. Chao may have an accident like trip or fall asleep.

Chao Sense

Here's a Chao-to-English dictionary. This will help everyone understand what you chao is feeling.


Chao is happy with you. You're treating it well.


A bad sign. Chao is upset with you.


Your chao is indecisive.


Chao is excited. He has an idea.


Chao is sleeping. Don't wake him up!