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Chao Adventure 2

Chao Adventure 2

You and your chao are off to play an a adventure! You chao will be giving tasks to finish and your there to help chao along the way.

- How to Play

When the title screen is displayed, predd the A and B button together to start your adventure. Your chao may meet six of the Sonic Adventure 2 characters on he's quest, your chao may even ask for your advice.


- Chao Delay

During your adventure, when your chao becomes hungry or sleepy and it will stop walking. Give your chao a pat on it's head or a snack that you won to make chao happy again. After that your chao will start walking again.


- Fight! Fight! Fight!

When your chao comes accross a "Bully Chao" a fight will start. To punch, press A when the counter is on the white button. If successful your chao will land a punch. The chao whose HP falls to zero first loses the battle. If your chao loses, the little sucker you fought will take some of your fruit and greedily chomp it down.


- Treasure Chest

When your chao comes across one of these chest something good may happen. Move the counter over and white button you wish and press A. If you are lucky you may get a fruit. Also, if you guess right your chao will gain 100 LUC. If you guess worng your chao will lose 100 LUC.


- Menu Screen

While your chao is walking or has triped etc. press A to display the menu screen. Use the D pad to select the menu item, and press A to enter. To return to the previous screen, press B.

STATUS - View chao data
SNACK - Feed chao with a snack
PAT - Pat chao on its head
SCOLD - Scold chao when its bad
ITEMS - View or discard collected items
SLOTS - Play a game. match pictures to win a snack
HELLO - Connect two VMU's with chao. You may get a new egg
OWNER - View personal data of the owner of that chao
FRIEND - View data of your friend's VMU (while in matine mode)
OPTIONS- Change various settings (here you can name your chao)


- Goal

There are two types of goals: a successful goal and a failure goal. If you reach the goal with correct selections, it will be the successful goal, and as a reward, your chao will receive a "seed." Take it back to the garden, and your chao will plant it.