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A place for all your Chao needs

Here you'll learn all you need to know about chao! This site is great for learning how to raise, race, and evolve your cute pets.

If you have any comments, reactions, or ideas you have to my site you can mail me. I love to get mail!

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Tikal's Chao Garden


What's New?

WERE BACK! Again...well anyway TCG has been dead for awile now but sonic and chao are starting to pick up again and with a few new games comming out. We should have something to tell you all about. Well anyway ill be posing my comics soon. LOL WHOT HE FUCK I AM KIDDING WERE DEAD AND WERE COMMING FOR YOU!!!!!


coming to a town near you to kill your sorry chao loving ass

(Posted by Bobalu)

5/13/02 - Kaos ^~^
Hey eveyone, Kaos here. I noticed that I'm not on the staff board, I fixed that today. I was planing on making sonic music videos for this site as soon as I get my new computer. My computer's been running outta space so I can't download anything. :( Well.. I did say that I would add some games to the site, but making a game takes a VERY long time. :p  I'm also going to add a sprite comic, so stay tuned. Thats all, cya. 


Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been updating (seems like forever O.o;;;) but don't be thinking I'm lazy. This site only has 0.2mb left and I'm looking for a new server. I'm also making a new layout a long with a HUGE update to the Chao info. I never really thought I would have so many visitors to my site, not to mention so many people want to work for it. ^.^ I'm really honoured by this since I first made this site mostly as a reference for my Chao and new things that I would find out during the game. But now look, I have like over 5000 visitors and new people (even the veterans from the Sonic Adventure 2 BBS) every day. Also expect the new site which will have more pictures, better layout, and more info. Just dont forget that Im really slow lol ^.^;;;


5/4/02 - Chaos Chao
Well hi again! Me and Tikal have made a Tikal's Chao Garden Fanclub! Now let's really get the part started! Also, I've added one of the many Really Rare Chao! I added a download >^_^< Oh wait make that TWO downloads!! And I also made a Sprite Comics Section!

05/03/02 - Chaos Chao
Hi yall! New member here, names Chaos Chao! Anyway I'd like to thank Tikal for letting me be a staff member and well I dunno...I add stuff! So, I added the Really Rare Chao section and plan to do more. Well I'll see you later! Oh and if you need anything you can email me at lil_hedgie@hotmail.com. I also use MSN Messenger! Bye guys!

Hey, whats up? New member here, the names Kaos. ^_^  I'm going to be a host! Anyway, I like creating games so i'm going to put up some games on this site for you fans to play. If you want to contact me, send your email to Michael@kaosproductions.zzn.com or Michaeldhollis@hotmail.com ok? Chow!
I added the games section, be sure to check it out. I haven't loaded the rest of the roms, I might do that tommorow or so. Games by the worderfull me will be up soon also! (O>^~^<O)

Today Is a great day. I new staff member has been choosen do to his outstanding abilities. AngeloSheltie@hotmail.com is Angelo. Angelo will be helping with Tikal's Chao Garden. Please send us you fan art.

Woah! Talk about being absentminded. I fotgot to put the Sonic Advance Chao section up. Oh yeah I got a new link up so I like you to go check it out.

What's up everyone! As you can see I am doing a lot of work on the site and I am still not done. I have a new section on the GBA's Sonic Advance and am going to add more to the section =^_^= I have a new look to the BBS also. This is a big update to the site and I will have everything up next week. I have some new links too so go check em' out!

Hey, whats up, I am now and official co-creator of Tikals Chao Garden. if you need to ask me, tell me, or anything else my email is SillyGosling104@hotmail.com I also use MSN instant messanger, ill see you guyz later!

Today, tragedy struck the world as the twin towers of New York were hit by huge passenger planes and collapsed. My sincere condolensces to all those involved, hurt or killed in this blatent act of murder. Lets just all prey that this horrific incident does not happen again.

08/12/01 - I now have a contest going on! There is a great prize to be won so what are you waiting for! To everyone I wish you good luck.

08/10/01 - I have been to lazy to wright a update but if you have noticed I have been updating the site. I now have the pages Chao In VMU done and Chao Kindergarden. I have also added a new link and Contacts for PSO.

07/29/01 - I am now apart of the Sonic Top 50. Vote for this page, I would really appreciate it!

07/28/01 - I finally got the kindergarden and chao in VMU pages up. I also added pictures of the chao in the evolution pages and pictures of items in the items page.

07/26/01 - Sadly to say my downloads don't work. I'm trying but it would be easy if I knew what I was doing LOL!

07/25/01 - Well I got the downloads up! I don't know if they are working or not, if they aren't please mail me and let me know.

07/24/01 - I like to thank Notion for the wonderful logo for my page. As of now I need someone to help with updating the site and downloads. If you would like to work on my site, I would be very grateful.

07/23/01 - My chao site is now up!! All pages are almost finished except for three. The downloads I may need help with but for now just enjoy the site.

This is a fan site dedicated to the Sonic Adventure 2 Chao. This site is not in any affiliation with Sega or Sonic Team. Sonic Adventure 2 it's logo the Chao and other character are copyrighted materials from Sonic Team and Sega.

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