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Tikal's Chao Labratory

Well you can guess what I do here. This is where  I put intresting things I have learned about chao so everyone else can learn. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me.

Chao Age
People often wonder how long a Chao lives or when a chao year is. This is great to know if you are making a Chao Chao.
1 Chao Year
One Chao year is every three hours.
Chao Life Expectancy
A Chao' life expectancy is five years which is fifteen hours.

Chao Cacoons
Ever Chao cacoon means something and here is a list of what each one means.

Blue Cacoon

Blue Cacoon - Available only to the Game Cube version, Chao is entering it's first evolation.

Pink Cacoon

Pink Cacoon - Available only to the Game Cube version, Chao is going to reincarnate (go back to it's egg stage). 

Gray Cacoon

Gray Cacoon - Available only to the Game Cube version, your Chao is dying (once it goes in to this cacoon it will die and disappear and never return).

White Cacoon

White Cacoon - Available only to the Dreamcast version. In the Dreamcast version there was only one cacoon to determine a Chao' evolation. One white cacoon could mean anything from dying to rebirth.

Transperant Chao
For the transperant Chao you need to breed a shiny chao and a jewel chao (jewel chao can only be obtained in Sonic Advance). Once you do this, you will get a normal looking egg. Hatch it and find your surprize in side!
*thanx Hairy Goat from the GameFAQ Sonic Adventure 2 Battle BBS 

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