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Frequently Asked Questions

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This is where you can find the commonly asked questions on the cute and cuddly Chao. If you have a queston you wish me to post e-mail me at ChaoGoddess@hotmail.com

What is a Chao?
Chao are strange little creatures, which have a pudding-like body, but its life force is very weak. Chao live at a place called Chao World. Chao First came out in 1998 in Japan and in 1999 in the USA/Canada. Their first appearance was in Sonic Adventure as the A-Life where you raise these little things to race and earn emblems. Now the newbies of Nintendo can enjoy raising Chao on the Game Cube!

How do I pronounce Chao?
Chao is pronounced like "chow". Also many people spell the plural of Chao, Chaos. This is wrong since Chaos is the water being that was in Sonic Adventure. To spell the plural word it is either Chao or Chao'.

How come my Chao wont plant the seeds I give it?
To plant seeds, make sure your Chao has won both the shovel and watering can from the Crab Pool and Stump Valley races. Give the seed to that Chao, and it should walk around looking for a place to plant it once it does that, you can watch it dig the hole, put the seed in, water it, and dance. After all this, a tree will begin to grow.

My Chao will not evolve, why?
A Chao needs time to evolve so don't rush it. My Chao evolve at level 7 because I like to change it's looks. A good tip is to go into the Chao Garden and (don't pause the game) stay in there, switch to the T.V. and watch it for awhile. Check on your chao frequently to see if it has evolved.

How do I make a Sonic Chao?
To make a Sonic Chao, hatch a chao and make a neutral speed Chao. It should be green after evolution. Continually give your Chao green animals or green Chaos Drives. After a ton of those you should notice that the green speed Chao will start to go blue and grow longer quills.

How Do I make a Shadow Chao?
To make a Shadow Chao, hatch a chao and make a dark speed Chao. It should have greenesh blue stripes after evolution. Continually give your Chao green animals or green Chaos Drives. After a ton of those you should notice that the green stripes on the Chao' head will start to go red and it's quills will be shaped more like Shadow's.

How do I make a NiGHTS Chao?
To make a NiGHTS Chao, hatch a chao and make a neutral flying Chao. It should be pink with dark pink stripes  on it's horns after evolution. Continually give your Chao purple animals or purple Chaos Drives. After a ton of those you should notice that the horns on the Chao' head will start to curve down like NiGHTS and it's coloring will go purple with dark purple stripes on it's horns. My favorite things anout NiGHTS chao are the little devil tails on a neutral Chao and the big golden wings! ^.^

What is the Chao Editor?
The Chao Editor was a tool made to hack Chao on Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 for Dreamcast. The editor could be downloaded from Tyro's homepage into the VMU and could be used like a game. Once Sonic Team caught word of this, they would ban anyone who would but Chao in the SA2 daycare made by it. Also they would ban anyone who talked or advertised in on their bulletin boards.

What do you mean by second evolution Chao?
When a 2nd evolution happens, it's not like when Chao go into cocoons, it's more like a silent change. The Chao will slowly change if you give it a certain type of item you find in the stages. A good example is the Sonic Chao. After it evolves it's a green speed Chao but if you keep on giving it green animals and green Chaos Drives it will god blue and grow longer spikes to resemble Sonic.