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Welcome to the chao races!

Beginner Races

To access any other chao race you must first clear the beginner races. You will also realize that your chao will win prizes when he wins a certain race.

A black dog; Actual size=240 pixels wide


Here is a list of prizes your chao will win in the races. Be carful there are some tuff chao out there you'll go up against!

Race Track Name and What do I get?

Beginner Races
Must win on 3rd Difficulty
Crab Pool - Trowel (Shovel)
Stump Valley - Water Can
Black Canyon - Race Car
Mushroom Forest - Rattle

Must win on 5th Difficulty
Jewel Races
Topaz - Broom
Peridot - How to Plant Seeds book
Aquamarine - Sonic Doll
Garnet - Pogo Stick
Onyx - Crayons
Diamond - Bubbles

Challenge Mode
Complete each row
1st row - Beach Ball
2nd row - Jack-in-the-Box
3rd row - Television

Dark Races
Second Race - Beach Ball
Fourth Race - Boom Box

Hero Races
Second Race - Beach Ball
Fourth Race - Rocking Horse

A cat; Actual size=240 pixels wide