Chao Advance


Chao Advanced 101
Taking Care
Card Game 1
Card Game 2
Chao Stats
Chao Eggs
Naming Chao
Chao Advanced 101

Here you'll learn the basic of GBA chao raising

I'll start off by showing what there is in you mini Chao Garden.

Tini Chao Garden

1. You chao
2. Your curser
3. Store
4. Fruit & nuts
5. Eggs
6. Toys
7. Rings
8. Stats
9. Fellings of chao
10. Chao Type
11. Chao name
12. Card game 1
13. Card game 2


The curser you see to your left is what you will be interacting with your chao. You use just as if you were Sonic himself. You have the ability you pet chao, feed him, click to play games etc..