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Card Game 2

The matching game

You all wanted it, now you got it! Just like in the Sonic Adventure's first Chao mini game, now you can play the matching card game in wonderful vibrant color.

Card Game 2

1. Mistake Box
2. Rings won
3. 1 point box
4. 3 point box
5. 5 point box

Chao Card

The game consists of 13 cards which you must match up in order to get rings. The blue, pink, and red boxes which the cards are set up on will tell how many points are added to your ring score. If you have a apple card on a red box and a apple card on a blue and match them up, +1 and +5 will be added to your ring score. If you complete the game a big bonus will be added.

Card Set

Tikal Advance

Tip From Tikal: when the game starts take a good look. Try to memorize as much as possible till the cards flip over and your Chao comes out. Try to pick the pairs close together so you can leave the ones you forget till the end. Just remember there is no time limit so take your time!

Card Game 2

Don't forget when chao comes out, the placement of the cards may change a bit. Don't worry just watch closely!