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Chao Eggs

Find out the different Chao Eggs you can get!

As in any Chao garden you can pick up different and rare chao eggs.


Opening the store with the L button you will see the fruits and nuts. If you look down to the bottom you will also see an egg. These eggs can be purchased with rings you collect from the card games. Each egg is different and special and can be ranging from $500 to $20,000! Later on you will be able to plug in the GBA to the Game Cube so you can bring these eggs in the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle game.


You can see, the rare dark Chao egg is a whopping $20,000! Each Chao eggs is ranged at a different price, rarer the egg the higher the price.

Normal Chao eggs are free
Silver eggs are $500
Gold eggs are $1,000
Metallic pink egg is $5,000
Metallic blue egg is $7,000
Amethyst egg is $8,000
Emerald egg is $10,000
Ruby egg is $12,000
Sapphire egg is $14,000
Amber egg is $18,000
Dark Chao egg is $20,000